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What we usually provide with every apartment unless otherwise indicated is..............

A stove and fridge
A heating unit either central, space, boiler, or wall
Window coverings either curtains, shades, vertical blinds, or mini-blinds
At least one smoke and carbon monoxide detector
A shower curtain

If there are artificial plants, bathroom towels, throw rugs, neon, etc. pictured on advertisements, they are there only for the purpose of the "open house" showing so you can visualize a "lived in" look with your own belongings similar to what you may see in a model home, but they do not come with the apartment. 

What is included with the rent..............

We pay for water bills, garbage pick up, insurance, all city & state taxes, reasonable "wear and tear" maintenance, legal costs, accounting, common area cleaning, pest control (if needed),monthly assessments, and more. 

Tenant pays for the gas and electric that is used for their unit unless it is otherwise indicated on the lease & recorded information line and ad copy.

We recommend to always get on the "budget plan" which will average the yearly bill into very manageable equal payments each month with no surprises.

"Decorating" is not included with the rent......

Anything that does not come with the apartment is not included with the rent including decorating, which is always the tenants expense no matter how long you have been with us.  In other words things like repainting or painting your apartment a different color, upgrading window coverings, fancy mailboxes, wireless doorbells, etc. is the tenants expense.

The answers to more questions are on the 24/7 information rental phone line that is posted or printed in the ad.  Please call that number for lots more details.

To help you in your apartment hunting we make every attempt to be very clear about every detail with each apartment and even post recent pictures.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that anything that we don't mention in the print ads or message recording does not come with the apartment or is not included with the rent such as private parking or private reserved parking, air conditioning, laundry room, dishwashers, garbage disposals, trash compactors, cable or satellite TV, etc. If a shower is advertised then there is probably not a bath tub unless it is advertised.

All apartments are unfurnished.

We hope this answers your questions so that we can have a long and positive relationship without any misunderstandings.


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