Please full out one application for each adult who will live in the apartment and we will only run credit check on one application.  Kindly be advised that making untruthful statements will automatically disqualify you and our decision will be based on correct information. The more truthful & complete your application, the more your chances increase of getting the rental unit that you want.. 
Address of apartment being applied for____________________________________Apt.__________
What newspaper or how did you find the apartment?_____________________________________
What is the e-mail address you would like rent receipts sent to? _____________________________
Have you ever filled out one of our applications in the past?_________________________________
Your name_________  _______  _________________________________  (__________________)
                      First             Middle                     Last                                            Maiden name or Alias
Home Phone #(       )___________________Cell Phone    #(  __  )___________________________
Drivers License #_____________________Social Security #      ___________  ____  ____________
Present Landlord >__________________<Landlord's Phone#  (     )__________________________
Has anyone ever FILED an eviction on yourself, ANYONE that you live with or PLAN to live with?_____
Do you need any special accommodations in your unit?_______________________________________
Your present address____________________________City______________________Zip________
How long have you been living there?________________Rent  $_____________________________
Reason for moving_________________________________________________________________
Your address before present address_____________________How long?_____________________
City_____________Zip_________Reason for moving______________________________________
Owner or manager________________________ Phone#(       )______________________________ 
When are you ready to move?_________________Do you have a washer?_____________________
Name, age, and relationship of every person to live with you (including children) _________________________Age ____        _________________________Age________________
_________________________Age_____        _________________________Age_______________
Appliances you have:  Fridge__  A/C__  Freezer__   Microwave__Washer__  Other ______________ 
Please describe your pets?________ Your present occupation_______________________________
Please name your employer__________________________Phone#(       )______________________
Complete address of employer________________________________________________________
How long have you worked at your present occupation?_____________________________________
Approximate gross income per month (Before deductions)  $_________________________________
Do you have ENTIRE "Move In Fee" & 1st months rent? ___________________________________
Please list a friend_____________________________Phone#(        )__________________________
A personal reference___________________________Phone#(       )__________________________
Contact in emergency___________________________Phone#(        )_________________________
Your date of birth:__________________________________________________________________

                                             PLEASE CHECK ONLY #1 or #2
1.___ I am just "window shopping"  and looking at other apartments right now so I don't want to leave a                          cash down payment to hold the apartment and/or $40 for credit/eviction check.
2. ___I definitely want to rent this apartment, so I am giving the rental agent my $40 non-refundable Application Fee for the credit/eviction check to start processing my application.  I am prepared to leave the entire "Move In Fee" or  $________cash "good faith" down payment to hold the apartment for me while my application is being processed which is applied to the "Move In Fee" explained in detail on the cash receipt.. 

I declare that the statements above are true and correct, and I hereby authorize a complete investigation to release information including a credit check, eviction court search, and criminal background check.   I agree to pay the non refundable cost of $40 cash at this time and I understand and agree that I will be notified within 24 hours ONLY if I have been given the unit. I understand and agree that all decisions are final and non negotiable..

For office use only...$40 Cash accepted under terms above by___

                          RENTAL APPLICATION
               (This prints out best on a laptop or desktop computer)

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