About Best Rents & Bridgeport

Best Rents is located in "Bridgeport USA" and we take pride in making apartments available that are usually under market prices to be competitive

Bill is a senior citizen almost 80 years old who personally shows all apartments and has had a colorful life touring with bands. He should have retired years ago, but now enjoys the challenges of providing affordable housing for his long term tenants. Best Rents is very small with only a few rental units and has been in Bridgeport since 1981. Some tenants have been with Best Rents from the very beginning. 

Keeping apartment rental prices reasonable is an increasingly difficult challenge, especially in this new economy..  The Chicago real estate taxes have been raised many times and are the highest in the state.  Add to that the price of rising insurance premiums, garbage removal, pest control, plumbing, roofing, contractors, evictions, legal costs, cleaning, water bills, mortgages, the list goes on and our bills add up.  

If you are not familiar with Bridgeport it is a unique neighborhood where 3 Chicago mayors have lived during their term in office and is conveniently located right off of the Dan Ryan Expressway and a few blocks to I-55 and Lake Shore Drive.  The downtown "loop" area is only about 10 minutes away. You may see movie crews on location filming world class movies, as well as world famous Sox Park on 35th Street.  All the great food of China Town is just a few blocks away and there are many new condos and lofts available.  Look at those rental prices and compare it to what we have to offer.

Everybody is always welcome in our units and we look forward to meeting you in person.  We are open minded progressive thinkers and we have had, and will continue to have a very diverse "Family Of Tenants" including handicapped, section 8, every race, color, creed, national origin & sexual orientation.

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