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Be sure to check out our signature "Neon Mini Lofts", each one with a unique "one of a kind" floor plan so just search our archives for "Mini Lofts". This was Bridgeports very first Mini Loft. that we are proud of. Since 1981 we were the first in Chicago to proudly create our unique mini artist lofts so that our tenants can have a really cool place at an affordable price from clean basic economical studios to fancy loft style apartments priced below market.

If you would like for us to twitter you when we have showings and new apartments sign up on our twitter account "ChicagoBestRent".

We are not a public apartment finding service for tenants but simply a small selfmade company here in "Bridgeport USA".  ABOUT US .

We specialize in the "Bridgeport" area of Chicago. Any units that we have are on the site at FOR RENT.  If you can't find what you are looking for then please keep checking back on our web site and as soon as anything is available we will post it immediately. Whatever you see on the FOR RENT page is all that we have at the moment and we don't know what we may have in the future.

Answers to all your questions are at FAQ.

If you would like to help us rent any apartments that we may have available and earn $200 please click on CASH BONUS.  This also applies to any of our tenants who are moving out at the end of their lease with proper notice who may know someone who would like to move into their apartment.
    Welcome to "Bill's Best Rents"
The Best Rental Prices in Chicago's Bridgeport Community Since 1981
            Creators of Chicago's First Signature "Mini Lofts"
    Since 1981 we are proud of our track record over 3 decades. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT !

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