2nd Floor Front  4 Rooms 2 Bedrooms + Attic + Yard + Appliances On A Tree Lined Avenue
Below is the apartment which is the entire 2nd and 3rd floor of the 2 flat building.  There is a small front porch and a small back yard to barbeque in the summertime.
Freshly varnished hardwood floors throughout the                                                                                apartment with antique natural wood.  
New tile in the kitchen and bathroom with a brand new modern romantic tub, shower surround, and shower complete with curtain.

Below is the walk in pantry off of the kitchen which is perfect for food storage or you could us it for another closet.

This apartment is very clean and has lots of natural wood.  
Pictured above is your private staircase and locking foyer door and pictured on the left is looking out from the walk in closet into the living room (below) and pictured above is your private stairway going down to the foyer door to go outside.
Above is the unique textured ceiling in the kitchen with appliances & sink console. 

On the right is the walk in closet with the new closet maid system to organize your wardrobe and shoes.  There is a dressing room mirror on the left and below is another view of that closet.

On the right is the unfinished attic which can be used for storage only and it is the same size as your entire apartment.

There is a new back porch which has a small deck that looks out to your private back yard.
On the left is the freshly varnished front hallway door entering your apartment and pictured below are the new curtains that you will see when you view the apartment.
Beautiful hardwood floors throughout the apartment.   

Below a stove & fridge are provided at no extra charge.

Pictured on the right is the living room floor with a big walk in closet on the right.

Below is the unique textured ceiling in the kitchen.
Your private porch and locking hallway door to enjoy the summertime.

Below is the neighborhood street and friendly neighbors with brand new pavement, water mains, and street lights.
Click below for a walk through the actual Gage Park in the springtime
Click below for a live video tour through your new apartment
A nice size back yard is fenced in.  We may consider 1 pet if you are a responsible pet owner.
Click below for the neighborhood in front of your new apartment
 We may allow you to store a few things in the huge private locking attic as long as it does not become a fire hazard..
100% Custom made shower surround, tub, vanity, toilet, and movie star lights over the new medicine cabinet.  You even get brand new shower curtains so there is nothing left to do but get the keys and move in.
Pictured below is your back deck right outside your kitchen                  door that over looks the yard.