Pictured above is a shot of the neighborhood during the change of seasons, the new houses next door, and your new place in the 3 story classic vintage brick building from the last century.

If you would like the next showing time to come to open house and view this apartment, please call the information number in this ad for this apartment right next to "CLICK HERE" on the FOR  RENTpage.
    Exposed Brick, Track Lighting, Hardwood Oak Floor & More    
   Located in prime
Immediate access to the  the Dan Ryan. Cellular Field ball park is just around the corner and the Red Line is near by. Read about Bridgeport on the bottom of this page.
                                                 ALL  ABOUT BRIDGEPORT 

One of the local cyber café’s is zhoubcafe.com which has free Wi-Fi and another fabulous local restaurant is polocafe.com where you can meet our friend Dave of 20 years.  Connies famous Pizza is right down the street on Archer with a lot of locations.  

Bridgeport's Polish history can be seen in its two churches in the Polish Cathedral style: St. Mary of Perpetual Help and St. Barbara. The Art Institute of Chicago has recently done restoration work on the paintings in the Shrine Altars at St. Mary of Perpetual Help which date back to 1890, with further plans calling for restoration of the stained glass windows and to complete the painting of the interior ceilings and rotunda. The influence of other Eastern European immigrants to Bridgeport is evident at St. Jerome Croatian Catholic Church, which holds services in both Croatian and English.

U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox, is often thought to be geographically located in Bridgeport. This is a misconception. The stadium is actually located one block to the east, in the Armour Square community area.

Bridgeport has long been one of the city's political hotbeds, having been home to five of Chicago's 45 mayors. They are, in order of service: Edward Kelly, Martin Kennelly, Richard J. Daley, Michael Bilandic, and Richard M. Daley. The most prominent example of the neighborhood's influence on Chicago politics is illustrated by a 46-year long stretch (1933-1979) in which a Bridgeport native held the city's highest office.

Bridgeport is served by the Bridgeport News, a neighborhood newspaper delivered weekly on Wednesdays to homes throughout the neighborhood. The area is also served by two Chicago Transit Authority train stations..

Is there a neighborhood more classically Chicago than Bridgeport?

It’s one of the city’s oldest communities, yet thanks to its proximity to downtown it has been brimming in recent years with new development and renewed interest. It has been home to five Chicago mayors and countless politicians and city workers. And there are also plenty of Bridgeport condos.

Bridgeport is also one of Chicago’s most ethnically diverse, which may come as a surprise to many Chicagoans who still think of Bridgeport almost exclusively as an Irish-American neighborhood. In 2008 the Chicago Sun-Times ranked Bridgeport as the fourth most ethnically diverse community in the city, following Albany Park, West Ridge and Rogers Park.

Like many of Chicago’s 77 officially recognized neighborhoods, boundaries can sometimes vary depending upon who is asked. But generally, Bridgeport is defined as the community between the Chicago River on the north and west, Canal Street on the East and Pershing Road (3900 South) on the South.

Parishes and churches are numerous in Bridgeport. So, too, are independent shops that line Halsted Street, 35th Street, Pershing Road, Archer Avenue and other thoroughfares.

One of the major Bridgeport public transportation stations at Archer & Halsted where you can catch the Orange Line, Halsted #8 bus and many others.  There is lots of safe well lighted free parking across the street.
There are some new energy efficient CF lights in the apartment which will save a lot on your electric bill.


Where "Less is More"
Wallace Mini Lofts
2 panoramic pictures of your cozy new art deco bathroom measuring 5 x 7 with and antique bath tub, shower, illuminated medicine cabinet and antique porcelain tiles.

Below is world famous Cellular Field just a couple of blocks away with fireworks after every game.  CLICK HERE FOR ACTUAL CELLULAR FIELD FIREWORKS.
This is your Red Line station just a short walk from your new place
Private off street parking for 3 cars on a shared lot behind the building right under your porch deck.

Pictured above is your new fridge complete with ice maker.  A stove is also provided at no extra charge, or you can bring your own.

Below is your very private & cozy 4' x 8' back porch deck and walkway to enjoy the city skyline.  Notice Cellular Field right in your own back yard on the video.


One of the 9 x 11 bedrooms with freshly varnished hardwood floors, a unique cabinet, and connecting closet.
There are all the elements of a loft including a gorgeous brand new solid oak floor freshly varnished, custom overhead track lighting, 2 brand new ceiling fans, exposed brick, and pictured above a large natural wood ceiling beam making up the main living area measuring 325 square feet.  The entire mini loft is about 525 square feet so the key word here is "mini" where less is more! 
Track lighting, modern wall heater, new mini blinds, thermal pane windows, bricks & beams.

Below is the stainless steel kitchen sink
Click Below For A Finished Complete Live Virtual Tour
A little "breakfast nook" to eat while looking out at the view of downtown Chicago and Cellular Field fireworks after every game right in your own back yard.

This is our top floor walk up "penthouse" and worth it when you see the fabulous view over the tree tops.

Below is the a little  "pass through" from the kitchen to the living area.
Another view of the kitchen and pictured below is the extra added "Closet Maid" system in each bedroom to have even more cloths aside from the double closet and pantry.  Storage is no problem. Top picture is the back bedroom and the bottom picture is the front bedroom.
The "open house" throw rugs, plants, & neon do not come with the apartment.  See AMENITIES for details