2nd Floor 5 Rooms with 3 Bedrooms
You enter your apartment on the side entrance as you walk on the right to the side of the building

A springtime shot of the front of the building with your new home all the way on the right.  Pictured below are panoramic shots of the living room and kitchen.
Your new apartment is the second floor rear located in the building to the left of the tree
If you would like the address and next showing time to come to open house and view this apartment, please call the information number in the ad for this apartment right next to "CLICK HERE" on the "FOR RENT" page.
This area is called "New City" just South of Bridgeport
There are 2 heaters in the apartment.  One is on the right and you can make pancakes on it.  

Below is the kitchen panty or you can use it as a closet for storage.
On the right is the closet in the carpeted master bedroom which goes from wall to wall.  
All of the bedrooms have brand new decoative doors for privacy in your new apartment.

Below is the new tile in the kitchen & bathroom
Wall to wall carpeting and mini-blinds on all windows
Tub, shower, & medicine cabinet with glass block window in the shower and new tile.
The  center hallway in the center of the building is freshly painted with unique Southern style textured walls as you go to each landing.

Above on the left is one bedroom off of the living room and another bedroom is pictured above off of the kitchen in the background.

Pictured on the right are the 2 front  bedrooms with fancy doors.  

The 3  bedroom sizes with wall to wall carpet measure:  
      7’ x  14’  
      7 ’x  7.5’   
      8’ x  7’

With 3 bedrooms you could make one of them a little private office or computer room.

                                                              ALL ABOUT NEW CITY

New City is one of Chicago's 77 official community areas, located on the southwest side of the city. It is a blend of Irish-Americans in Canaryville, Mexican-Americans in Back Of The Yards, & African-Americans south of 49th Street. The area was home to the famous Union Stock Yards that were on Chicago's south side until they closed in 1971.

Back of the Yards is an industrial and residential neighborhood so named because it was near the former Union Stock Yards. Life in this neighborhood, which was famously organized by Saul Alinsky in the 1930s, is profiled in Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel The Jungle. The area was formerly the town of Lake until it was annexed by Chicago in 1889. The area was once an Eastern European, predominantly Polish, neighborhood.

Jane Jacobs' book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, cites the Back of the Yards as an area able to successfully "unslum" in the 1960s, due to a beneficial set of circumstances. This included a stabilized community base with skilled members willing to trade work to upgrade housing, as well as active and well led local social and political organizations. Jacobs often cited the Back of the Yards as a model for other depressed neighborhoods to follow to upgrade their communities.

A nice size fridge is provided or you may use your own kitchen appliances.  Pictured below are mini blinds on all of the thermal pane windows.