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Brighton Park has always been influenced by Chicago's transportation industry. It originally developed in the early 1900s when the railroad business was booming, which prompted the neighborhood to became a major hub in the railroad network. Today, with the renewal of nearby Midway International Airport and an influx of Hispanic American residents, Brighton Park is once again transforming itself. Building an identity as an enclave for Latin culture, cuisine and art, this section of Chicago is home a selection of Mexican restaurants and grocery stores, and even celebrates traditional Mexican folkloric dance. Still flanked on all sides by railroad tracks and major travel routes (namely the Orange Line "El" and the Stevenson Highway), Brighton Park is just a short hop, skip and train ride away from the downtown Loop. 

BRIDGEPORT: One of the local cyber café’s is zhoubcafe.com which has free Wi-Fi and another fabulous local restaurant is polocafe.com where you can meet our friend Dave of 20 years.  Connies famous Pizza is right down the street on Archer with a lot of locations.  

Bridgeport's Polish history can be seen in its two churches in the Polish 

Cathedral style: St. Mary of Perpetual Help and St. Barbara. The Art Institute of Chicago has recently done restoration work on the paintings in the Shrine Altars at St. Mary of Perpetual Help which date back to 1890, with further plans calling for restoration of the stained glass windows and to complete the painting of the interior ceilings and rotunda. The influence of other Eastern European immigrants to Bridgeport is evident at St. Jerome Croatian Catholic Church, which holds services in both Croatian and English.

U.S. Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox, is often thought to be geographically located in Bridgeport. This is a misconception. The stadium is actually located one block to the east, in the Armour Square community area.

Bridgeport has long been one of the city's political hotbeds, having been home to five of Chicago's 45 mayors. They are, in order of service: Edward Kelly, Martin Kennelly, Richard J. Daley, Michael Bilandic, and Richard M. Daley. The most prominent example of the neighborhood's influence on Chicago politics is illustrated by a 46-year long stretch (1933-1979) in which a Bridgeport native held the city's highest office. The current mayor Daley no longer resides in Bridgeport.

Bridgeport is served by the Bridgeport News, a neighborhood newspaper delivered weekly on Wednesdays to homes throughout the neighborhood. The area is also served by two Chicago Transit Authority train stations..

This is the front of your new  California style ranch house at dusk with an brand new coach light that goes on automatically each night at sunset, on a quiet block with easy parking as well as your private garage in back.
Pictured on the left is the garage with the last tenants above ground swimming pool and your new house is in the background.  There is a berry bush that blooms in the summertime.

Below is the private back yard in the wintertime with snow fun for the kids......

Bonus garage and trash cans where the trash is promptly picked up twice a week and below is a panoramic view of your new house and backyard.

Impress your friends with the focal point of the house, a brand new stained cut glass custom front steel door. 

Pictured below, the side view of your new house which is one of the biggest on the block and is so long that it starts on the front sidewalk and the back yard connects to the back garage all the way to the alley on the very back of the entire private lot of 125 feet.....lots of room 

   Below is the brand new fancy oak kitchen cabinets during construction still wrapped in shipping tape and and beautiful faux tile in the kitchen.
Above is the evening sun shining through your new cut glass front door and below is the side view of your long long new house. 
Brand new plush carpet below  in the designer custom color "xanadu" with deluxe padding in the living room looking into the den/dining room with the new kitchen behind that.  There are 3 brand new ceiling fans in your new house.
Pictured above are brand new vertical blinds on the other living room wall.  

Below is a panoramic shot from the vertical blinds on the left to the beautiful front door all the way on the right on the other end of the house from the living room, below that the opposite view of living room.
Above is the brand new storm windows, mailbox, coach light that goes on automatically at night and below is the garage that can be a huge storage shed.
Over the cabinets are even more kitchen cabinets with the illuminated kitchen window and new mini blinds throughout the house.  Below is nice size pantry on the left of this you will never run out of storage space.

Pictured below left is one of the attic rooms for storage only and on the right is the enclosed back porch where mini blinds are on every window.  One of the bedrooms is set up for a laundry room or you can use as a bedroom, it's your choice!
Bathroom layout with full tub and shower, scrubbing bubbles auto cleaner, vanity, glass block window, medicine cabinet and bathroom storage space with shelves.
Extra bathroom storage shelves 
With the living and dining room all the way on the left, this is the kitchen layout with stove, fridge (or bring your own) lots of cabinets, new stainless sink, exhaust fan and more.