$400 Cash Bonus Finders Fee
We always appreciate help in renting our units to good tenants so if you might know and can send us anybody that would be a good tenant, we pay a $400 cash finders fee directly to you if we decide to rent to the new tenant after the usual credit check, etc.

This bonus also applies to our current tenants who are finishing their lease with proper notice and may have a friend who wants to move into their apartment....NP

To get the cash bonus your name MUST be on the top of the application (where did you hear about this apartment) at the time the new tenant gives us their application. Just like Direct TV, you cannot get the bonus any time after the original tenant screening process if the finders name is not in writing on the original application. You get the cash as soon as the new tenant signs the lease. 

This will save us on our advertising budget plus it and give you the chance to have a friend or someone you know move in. 

Of course we do the usual credit/eviction check for the new tenant with the usual application fee from the prospective tenant.

Just to be clear, the bonus is yours long as the portion on top of our rental application “where did you hear about the apartment” is filled in with your name when we get the application in our hand  and of course if we accept and rent to the tenant you sent us. Please do not ask for the bonus if your name was not on the original application. 

We feel anyone could use an extra $400 in this economy whether you are currently a tenant of ours already, or if you are not one of our tenants simply keep an eye on our Website and you can receive $400.  Just call the information for the apartment and bring along the prospective tenant.  If we have our lap top with us sometimes we can run the credit/eviction check and approve a new tenant on the spot.

If you are a friend of a tenant or a real estate agent anyone is welcome to help us get our vacancies filled and make some extra cash.

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