Frequently Asked Questions

Q....Who does Best Rents rent to?

A....We are open minded progressive thinkers so everyone is always welcome.  We
have had and will continue to have a very diverse "Family Of Tenants" including handicapped, section 8, every race, color, creed, national origin & sexual orientation.

Q....What exactly are the steps to get the apartment that I want?

A....Simply call the corresponding information number in the ad for the apartment that you want on our For Rent page.  The address and showing time will be at that number and if you bring your printed out Application and cash application fee to the showing we may be able to process everything on the spot and give you a cash receipt and guaranteed move in date if you get the apartment.  That's it!

Q....I can't be at the next open house advertised on the outgoing telephone message.   Will there be another showing soon and when will it be?

A....If you miss the next open house a new showing time will be on the first 15 seconds of the outgoing information line for that apartment immediately after the showing that you missed if the apartment is still available.  Simply call the same information number right after the showing that you missed and for your convenience to help you with your apartment hunting the new showing will be at the very beginning so you don't have to wait through the entire message again. We know your time is important so we try to streamline our business.

Q....Could I sign just a 6 month lease or a month to month tenancy?

A....No.    1 year leases usually run from springtime to springtime because that is when most people who honor their lease will give proper notice and move. Therefore, a six month lease would be over around November and it is just about impossible for us to rent an apartment over the holidays or during the bitter cold of Chicago winters, which brings us right back to the springtime. 

Q...I saw the web site and I am not from Chicago but plan to move there soon.  I really like the pictures of one apartment that I think I may want, so may I send you a down payment and have you hold it for me?

A....No.  If you haven't actually seen the apartment and we have not met you in person, it wouldn't be ethical for us to accept any kind of down payment for any reason.  What if we rented it to you and then for some reason that apartment wouldn't work for you, or what if your plans suddenly change?  We try very hard to always do the right thing and avoid any kind of misunderstandings that a situation like this could possibly cause so everybody is treated uniformly.

Q... Is there a security deposit?

A...No.  We decided to keep it simple and make it easier for tenants to move in by lowering the "up front cash needed".  Instead of the usual two month security deposit charged by other owners, we charge a one time "move in or application" fee which is much less than one months rent. 

Q....Then if I pay the one time non refundable "Move In / Application Fee" to hold the apartment by taking it off of the market to other renters and guarantee that I will move in, how long will Best Rents hold the unit for me?

A...Whatever we put in writing on your receipt we will honor.  At the showing if Bill gives you the apartment and accepts your cash move in fee, you will be given a receipt that clearly explains everything in detail both parties will sign it after you have it explained to you. You will always get a receipt copy so that we never have any misunderstandings.

Q....If I get the apartment how soon can I move in?

A....From the time you bring your application to the showing already filled out and leave your cash non refundable "Move In Fee"  it is usually only about 1 business day until we sign the lease, have the keys, and can move right in immediately. As a "gesture of good will" we usually give you a few extra days at no charge.

Q.... Where does the $40 application fee go?

A.... We receive a bill each month from the credit check company who are professionals and specialize in doing this.  In fact, our bill for all credit / eviction checks are actually more than the $40 application fee, so we actually lose money out of our pocket each time we run an application through trying to get prospective renters qualified.  We do this as a "gesture of good will" to consider everybody uniformly without special treatment.

Q....Does Best Rents have any monetary interest in the credit check company and do we get any kind of commission from them?

A....Absolutely not.

Q.... When I move in what is the procedure?

A....Standard procedure is for both of us to sign the most recent standard Chicago Lease with every disclosures required by law. We read over each paragraph of the lease and disclosures recorded on video with you to make sure all of your questions are answered to avoid any misunderstandings as well as going through your new apartment and checking everything including the smoke and C/O detectors.

Q... May I get a receipt for rent and other payments? 

A....Yes, absolutely.  Whenever there is any monetary exchange you will always be given a written signed receipt weather it is cash, check, money order, Pay Pal, direct deposit, or other forms of on line payments.

Q....What is the policy for customizing my new apartment?

A....The apartments are freshly painted usually with a clean neutral white color, so if you want to repaint it with a custom color you are welcome to do so at your own expense.  We want you to have a place that reflects your personality and a place you like to come home to.

Q....Exactly what is the neighborhood like and most important is it safe?

A....Obviously we felt that the neighborhood was a great place to invest and we were comfortable enough to make a major commitment with our life savings on a down payment and long term mortgage.  Where you want to live is a very personal decision that only you can decide. No matter how perfect a neighborhood is, technically speaking there is always what's called a "crime rate" available for any neighborhood. We strongly advise you to do your homework and make your own decisions before you commit yourself to a lease.

Q....Is it important to be on time for the open house showing?

A.....Yes. If you are late then that in turn will make us late if we have another showing somewhere else which isn't fair to those people waiting at another showing who were on time. 

Q....May I call or e-mail Best Rents to get on some sort of waiting list and put in a special request for a future apartment in a certain neighborhood, price range, size, future time period, etc.?

A....No, we don't have any kind of list like that and everyone is treated uniformly.

Q....After my tenancy, if I have been a good tenant will you give me a good reference in the future?

A....Yes, We will be happy to give you several copies of a formal "Letter Of Reference" on our business stationary truthfully stating everything positive about your tenancy. 

Q....If I have given proper notice at the end of my lease and I have a friend that wants to move into my old apartment, is there any kind of bonus?

A....Yes.  We have a flat $400 cash "finders fee" for you as a bonus if you send us a qualified new tenant that we rent to, as long as your name is on your friends original rental application under "how did you find the apartment"  Rental Application.  

Q....Exactly what comes with each apartment and what is included with the rent?

A....All details are explained on our page Amenities.  You can safely assume that anything NOT advertised does NOT come with the apartment.  IE...parking, air conditioning, garage, etc

Q....  If I have the "Move In / Application" Fee and the 1st months rent in cash, is it still necessary to fill out an application and have a credit check and eviction search?

A.... Yes.   It would be irresponsible for us to rent to someone that we know nothing about because everyone is treated uniformly.

Q....If I was at the open house before anyone else, will I automatically get the apartment on a "first come first served basis"?

A....No.  Everyone is treated uniformly.

Q....Does Best Rents give each new tenant a copy of everything they sign?

A....Absolutely.  No money is ever accepted unless we give tenants a written receipt for everything and copies of everything because everyone is treated uniformly..

Q....In the video tours I see lots of plants, towels, clocks, curtains, neon, and special lighting effects.  Does all of that come with the apartment?

A....No. For the apartment to look appealing we "stage" the apartment to appear lived in with what it may look like with your own belongings, the same way a home builder creates a "Model Home" when you come to buy your new house. Everything is clearly advertised and anything NOT advertised does NOT come with the apartment.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to meeting you at any of our showings.

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